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The Carthelian Order

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1 The Carthelian Order on Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:19 am

Pontif Portheus and the Carthelian Order

The Carthelian Order is the religious system of a conglomeration of people groups that originally migrated into Ashath from the North East mountains long before the Ichthusians came, but after Philosophy already had a foothold.

They began with a ten member hierarchy of rich politicians, who formed an Order to explore the worlds many religions and collections of knowledge. These men soon began to combine their studies into one religious system and used the knowledge which they had attained to produce signs and wonders whereby they gathered to themselves a great many followers.

Over time nine of the members died and were replaced, but the remaining member had attained a secret knowledge of Magick whereby he could extend his life almost indefinitely. His name was Portheus and he had contacted a Nathair and gained the knowledge of accessing into the Otherworld and he could now draw Magick from that world to extent his life.

At the point of the story Portheus is 800 years old and has gained extensive knowledge of the Magick powers of the Otherworld. He has written 2 books on the things that he learned in the Otherworld.

In one he explains the Nathair and in the other he explains the powers of Magick which he had learned. The Carthelian Order tries to understand these books but attains only a few of the base powers of Magick as Portheus purposefully left out some of the keys for unlocking the powers.

The nine who now sit in council with Portheus are only around 100 years old and are totally dependent upon his will to extend their lives.

The Carthelians have missionaries who have set themselves up in each town, dressed in brown robes like monks. They are generally oblivious to what their hierarchy is up to.

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