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We are a Skyrim modding group currently working on a total conversion mod called Ashath. Ashath will feature new lands, climates, races, and quests.

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The Otherworld

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1 The Otherworld on Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:19 am

The Otherworld

Concept wise, the Otherworld is somewhat like the Wraith world in the Shadows of Mordor combined with the digital world in the Matrix. Not look just concept.

It is not a mistake on the All-Maker's part, but rather the control center for the Material World. The Nathair do not breed, (no females), they are the timeless, (not outside of time but having no time limit to their existence), entities who were created to maintain and control the unseen mechanisms that control the workings of the Material World. Some of the strains of data that make up the mechanisms can be understood by the Nathair and some cannot, (thus the Nathair cannot destroy the creation). The Nathair and Men created the Orcs by combining their knowledge of the way that Men are made with changing certain parts of the strains of data that make a Man a Man.

The Creation of Man is far different than the rest of creation. In that the All-Maker is much more actively involved much more specifically in His creation than in the other creatures of the Material World. Thus when the Nathair were granted the knowledge of women (how sexual conception works), they were able to edit the strains of data as they were being formed, and thus creating a Man who had a similar Otherworld design to that of the Nathair, though the design of the Material part was both flawed and enhanced in different ways.

The All-Maker was not unaware of this interference, in the creation of a Man, in creating of the Orcs, and He did not prevent it, as He could still bring good from it, though it was an abomination and an abortion of His perfect creation. For though the mutated beings were Material, they now were also Otherworld, and therefore they could not die as Men now did, thus the All-Maker Himself edited the strain of the Orcs in their creation so that they could not be both Material and Otherworld but would be bound to either the Material or the Otherworld at the same time though they both retained a slight connection.

Ashath Orcs are often born as twins: one Material and one Otherworld, though one often annihilates the other, (mentally and the other body dies or turns to ash in the case of the Otherworld). The Material is a Man with an Orc body, while the Otheworld is a Nathair with a deconstructive Orc body, (they can edit themselves or dematerialize at will).

It is hard to explain beyond that and I think that the mystery itself will add to the story.

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