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We are a Skyrim modding group currently working on a total conversion mod called Ashath. Ashath will feature new lands, climates, races, and quests.

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With current project plans, here's what we need

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List of all custom resources that will need to be made

I am making this list based purely upon my own assumptions right now, just post here if I'm wrong about something.
Keep in mind we can always get permission to use armors/weapons from various mods, if we have enough members that aren't busy who know meshing and texturing then we may as well go for having custom armor and weapons at least.

  • More Orcish armor types and clothes
  • More types of clothing for humans(of the three religions/cities so far)
  • Viking/Norse clothing for the northern lands
  • Desert clothing/armor
  • Jungle clothing/armor
  • Leather/studded armor types (suited well for forest and port towns/cities)
  • Weapons for the Orcs and humans(varying for each culture)

Custom Ashath armors and weapons are obviously the most ideal thing to make unique to a mod, other than that most other mesh types would be a lot of work(tile sets, landscape sets, etc.).  Existing meshes can be retextured(using existing open-source textures) to fit into different types of landscapes.

Keep in mind, I'm not telling anyone not to make a custom mesh or texture, if you want to then go ahead.  Any kind would be appreciated.(fantasy lore friendly obviously)

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let's begin this mod for real!

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