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We are a Skyrim modding group currently working on a total conversion mod called Ashath. Ashath will feature new lands, climates, races, and quests.

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The Nathair

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1 The Nathair on Sat Feb 28, 2015 2:49 pm

If a Nathair has caused enough negative interference in the Material World he would be bound in the lower regions of the Material World as a ghost where he can no longer effect the Material World through the strands of data in the Otherworld but rather uses his knowledge to create a following for himself so that he can affect the outside world through them. Nathair ghosts feed off of attention being shown to them like Queen Mab in the Merlin movie or the gods in the new Clash of the Titans movie, thus if ignored they fade more and more into obscurity though the Nathair never really cease to exist.

So being cut off from the data strands turns the Nathair inro energy vampires so to speak. It is separation from their reason for their continued existence.

The Orcs of the Material are presently lead by a hierarchy mostly lead by Otherworld Orcs. The Orcs of the Material are considered a lower class from the Otherworld Orcs.

In general the Orcs of the Material are more like Skyrim Orcs.

Those who do not worship the All-Maker will often be compelled to revere those who have power in the Material World, or those who can manipulate it via the Otherworld. The Orcs and the Carthelians are generally this way.

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