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We are a Skyrim modding group currently working on a total conversion mod called Ashath. Ashath will feature new lands, climates, races, and quests.

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Quest Ideas

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1 Quest Ideas on Sun May 10, 2015 9:57 am

This thread is for Ideas for Quest lines and what so ever.

My Ideas for quest lines:

Liberation Quests:
Ashath is in constant war so you can "Liberate" lost lands for a certain faction.

Invasion Quests:
By joining a faction you can participate in Invasion quests which the faction plans on.
Conquests of a City or Raiding Villages to a Full Scale Invasion

Inquisiton Quests:
Ashath may seem at peace but it would tear itself apart if not for an order to keep the Peace.
Choices: Carthelian Order of Peace or Your Own Inquisiton

Guild Quests:
Thieves Guild, Fighters Guild and Mages Guild of Ashath, not a new idea but can be great place for Grinding skills

Banditry, Guardsman and Outcasts Quests
Join the Bandits and rise to be a Chief of your own Band, Pillage and Loot for sweet Loot while fighting off the Guardsmen and Wanna be Bounty Hunters
Be an Outcast Mage or Rogue and practice Necromancy and other Dark Arts in Isolation from Civilization, just watch out for the Guardsman and the Witch Hunters
Finnaly be a Guardsman or a Bounty Hunter. Hunt down, Destroy and Kill Bandit leaders for their bounty or Seize operations of the Outcasts and hand them to the Guardsman and be well rewarded. Being a Guardsman you battle rabbles of Bandits, Escort traders, Crack down on Outcasts and Keep the Peace in Ashath.

So what do you guys think?

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2 Re: Quest Ideas on Fri Feb 26, 2016 5:12 am

Awesome Ser! well thought bro! we will speak all together into skype if you are still online just add me : sasisma2011 ! and i will accept you !

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