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We are a Skyrim modding group currently working on a total conversion mod called Ashath. Ashath will feature new lands, climates, races, and quests.

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Ashath Main Questline/s

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1 Ashath Main Questline/s on Wed Feb 25, 2015 7:08 pm

Ashath Main Questline/s

Post your ideas and descriptions for the main quest here. (As a topic in this section)

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2 Re: Ashath Main Questline/s on Tue Apr 28, 2015 11:29 pm

Gist: Dragonborn enters ashath on the Island displayed on the map. He is met by Vikings who tell him of Red Orc danger around the area,
Having no choice the Dragonborn must follow the Vikings into combat.
That's all I know of the prologue rest are ideas.

Viking finds us freezing unconcious and hauls us to camp, it is on alert due to red Orc ships and marauders en route to the area. Once we are Concious the base is attacked by Seige Fire from the Red Orcs.
"Damned Red Orcs stole our Seige Weapons. TO ARMS!"
The Viking who saves us is named Grashnov and finds out we are up and arms us "I don't know who you are but we need every man we can get, Take this and head towards the gate" as we head to the gate it is destroyed by the red orcs and combat arrives. 5 vs 4 + us seems fair.
We are also given the choice of sword mace or axe.

SIDE QUEST: Recovery
After the defense If the Dragonborn brought any inventory to Ashath we can I quire it with Grahsnov who will give us the location of where we were found and it can point to a cache holding your items. Not recovering the items will despawn them as normal.

Main Quest: Hold the Line or Seige Of Freijyas Calling
You can ask Grashnov of the status and he will tell you the red orcs have cut off the port Freijyas Calling. But the marauders are regrouping from the South. Opposite of the port, The Dragonborn is given the choice to hold the line south or break for the port.

Hold the line: Make way to the southern barricade and with the help of the Vikings survive for 3 waves of red orcs, last being a boss.
Victory will result in the trust of the Vikings but you will lose the port. Return to Grahsnov and he will reward you and bestow you the honor of being their brother in arms, port reconstruciton will be completed once the unlocked quest line is completed.
Questline unlocked: Brothers In Arms
Gist= Help the Vikings drive out the Red orc Invasion.

Seige of Freijyas Calling:
Meet up with a scout troop and Lay Seige on the Port of Freijyas Calling, defend the Catapults while they destroy the gates (2 waves) and once they are down clear the port and defeat the boss (Red Orc WarChief) to attain Victory.
Victory: Word will arrive of island is overrun and Grashnov with a few other Vikings will accompany you along the Ships available. The island will be red Orc territory until Liberation Quests are Available, can head to any other port by talking to the Helm Master of the dragonborns ship. Will not gain the Vikings loyalty and Grashnov will later split up with the Dragonborn. Free roam available

----------End of Prologue-----------

That's what I think should it be. Correct me or tell me if things are different or if it is acceptable

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