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We are a Skyrim modding group currently working on a total conversion mod called Ashath. Ashath will feature new lands, climates, races, and quests.

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Forum Rules and Guidelines

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1 Forum Rules and Guidelines on Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:12 pm

Forum Rules and Guidelines

1. Please treat all members with respect and courtesy.
2. Do not put large images or over-sized text in your signature.
3. Don't ask to be an Admin or Moderator, when someone is needed we will choose.
4. No obscene massages or images will be tolerated on this forum, instant banning may result.
5. No piracy, you cannot post links to illegal downloads on this forum.
6. Forums are held responsible for all posts so any illegal activity will not be tolerated.
7. Purely for your own safety and to save you trouble, please do not post contact information publicly.
8. No trolling, you may express your opinion of course but in a civilized manner.
9. No flaming, forum wars are pointless and get no one anywhere.
10. No all caps messages, use sparingly to emphasize if need be.
11. No spamming, this is the least tolerated activity here.
12. Do not try to get around word filters, they're used for a reason, to keep things civilized.
13. Complaints, if you are upset PM an administrator about the problem, abusing the complaints system will not be tolerated.

If you have any problems with your account, a particular user, or anything at all please send a PM to an administrator.

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