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The Ichthusians

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1 The Ichthusians on Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:17 am

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Sir John Walden and the Ichthusians

The Ichthusians are generally a medium brown skinned people with blue eyes.
Culturally they dress in simple Pilgrim/Amish/like attire colored dark Blue, Brown, Black, and Grey accented by white. They also where a cloak. Men often carry a short sword in the Hidden Valley though they do not tend to take it with them into the outside world of Ashath when they go on their mission to share the story of the All-Maker.

The Ichthusians originally migrated into Ashath from the South East.

They came bringing with them the Book which the All-Maker gave to them when He came into the world as the Messenger.

The Carthelian Order, (who predate the Ichthusians in Ashath), do not believe in the Book or the Messanger, they see their leader Pontif Portheus as the only mediator between them and the All-Maker, who they view as inactive in His creation, and rather see themselves as the ones entrusted with all aspects of the creation.

Thus as the Ichthusians began to settle in Ashath, their beliefs met with heavy opposition from the Carthelians, for they did not acknowledge them or their leader Pontif Portheus at all, though they continued to share their faith with the people of Ashath. Soon the Carthelians began to persecute them and then to drive them from their homes and kill them. Thus the Ichthusians continued to travel across the North toward the West leaving a bloody trail, of their slain brethren behind them. The few who remained eventually followed the coast down to the south through the mountains to Grydday where they took ship to Alemor and were granted sanctuary by Sir John Walden, and given the Hidden Valley as their home. The Ichthusian preacher, known as Barba Vansilas, joined the court of Sir John Walden as his councilor, and life went well for the Ichthusians who contented themselves to be shepherds and fishermen in the valley, they also became good at making time pieces, with the silver and tiny jems which they discover in the mountain streams.

Eventually the Carthelians discovered that the Ichthusians had taken refuge with Sir John Walden, and they deceived and mustered an army of noble knights from Darham and sailed to Alemor where they sought to take Sir John Walden's fortress. Then Barba Vansilas encouraged the Ichthusians to stand against the Carthelians in defense of Sir John Walden, and the Ichthusians were given Power from on High to drive the knights of Darham back to the coast. And it happened that one Ichthusians chased fifteen noble knights, until they took ship and returned to their own shores.

And from that time on, the knights of Darham disliked the Carthelians and left the Ichthusians alone. And the Ichthusians made for themselves short swords and carried them whenever they were in the Hidden Valley.

Now it happened that one day the Ichthusians realized that in the Hidden Valley, they never aged, but rather stayed young and healthy and strong, and their clothes never wore out. Thus they realized that they had been given a great gift from the All-Maker and they made a pact among them that they would raise their families in the valley and then between the ages of 30 to 50 years of age the men would travel down into the outside world and share the Ichthusian Faith with the inhabitants of Ashath until they were captured and killed by the Carthelians.

Converts to the Ichthusian Faith are not obligated to participate in the mission, though some do. Usually they at least travel to the Hidden Valley and spend time there and learn about the All-Maker from the Book that He gave to His people.

Physical Features The region of Alemor, The Hidden Valley

What is the climate and terrain here?

*Varied climate as this magnificent highland rises up out of the tropical forest of the south.
Weather in the hidden valley is mostly clear day and night, but sometimes foggy due to being at the cloud level.

How much land is in this area?

*The upper part near the alp like mountains, and into the mountains is different from the southern tropical forest down near the coast. The alp like mountains form a natural barrier of protection with a single pass guarded by the fortress of Sir John Walden. The pass leads up into the hidden valley where those who hold the Ichthusian Faith dwell in safety from the Carthelian Order, here they make their homes and raise their families before they descend into the outside world where they share the Ichthusian Faith before they are captured and killed by the Carthelians.

What are the aspects of this area?

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*Highland landscape, lots of green grass due to snow run off . Lots of ancient stone buildings set into the hill sides forming man made caves for the shepherds to use as shelters and dwellings. Wild flowers cover the green landscape in speckles of white, blue, purple, and yellow.

What minerals can be found here?

*Silver and tiny jems can be harvested from the streams, washed out of the mountains by the snow runoff. The inhabitants avoid trade with the outside world, but they make timepieces.

What resources are abundant in this area, which are scarce? Where are they and have they even been discovered by the general population yet?

*Good highland pasture for raising sheep, the soil is very rich for planting gardens, colorful fish swim in the mountain lakes. All of the resources remain mostly unknown by the outside world. The Ichthusians see this as their promised land. A place where they can enjoy their freedom and peace without fear of the Carthelian Order.

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