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The Basics of Ashath (Lore)

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1 The Basics of Ashath (Lore) on Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:16 am

If you want to know more about anything here just forum search, make sure to spell correctly.

What are the laws of nature and physics in this world, how does magic fit in?

   *Ashath was created by one God, known to the Ichthusians as the All-Maker. He set the laws in place and ordained that all things run according to their order. Magic works within the permissive will of the All-Maker, but much of it is contrary to His perfect will, as those who use it seek to bend His laws of His creation, or manipulate the minds of others.

What different races are there, what climate zones do they live in, and who are they basically?

   *The All-Maker made Mankind and the Nathair.
   *Men live in the Material World and the Nathair live in the Otherworld.
   *The Nathair and Men turned against the All-Maker and created the Orcs.
   *The Orcs had a free will of their own, however, and could choose their own path.
   *Men enslaved the Orcs and the Orcs enslaved Men.
   *Some Orcs are limited to the Material some the Other and some are in both.
   *All those of the Material can be redeemed by the All-Maker, if they turn back to Him.

Where does the magical power come from, is it just energy or something more?  Does magic differ greatly between species/countries?

   *Magic fits into several categories, some of which cannot be defined as Magic.

*1. Power from on High: this is not really Magic but is power from the All-Maker Himself, given to His followers to accomplish His will in Ashath. Sometimes it breaks the laws of nature. There is no explanation for how it works nor do those who use it care to understand it except that it comes from the All-Maker who is outside of the laws which He created. The exorcising of this power is rare as the All-Maker and His followers do not seek attention by means of it.

*2. Technology: this is not really Magic but is based on advanced knowledge of the laws of nature which through technology can be overcome without breaking them. The exorcising of this power is rare, as the Carthelian Order sees it as a threat to their control. They capture and/or kill anyone who has this power, though they seek to preserve it in secret, but if they cannot keep it for themselves they will seek to destroy it.

*3. Illusion: this is not really Magic but is based on the reading of body language, manipulation of people's minds, sleight of hand, etc. This is the kind of magic most used by those who promote the religion of Philosophy. It is the art of lies and deception for the purpose of gaining power over others, though the Philosophers themselves also manipulate their own minds to create alternate realities in their own minds. Some have gone insane. Mind altering drugs are common. This is also known as White Magic.

*4. Magick: this is casting Magic and is accomplished by reaching through into the Otherworld with the help of the Nathair and attaining a hidden Geometric power to manipulate the Material World. The exorcising of this power is rare as the Nathair are hard to contact and seldom help men without something being in it for them. This is also known as Black Magick and is practiced by the hierarchy of the Carthelian Order, though they accuse everyone who they don't like of using it.
*The Orc hierarchy of the Otherworld also use Magick, but they do not need to contact the Nathair to use it like Men and the Orcs of the Material World do.

What are the main points in history? (great wars, heroes defeating enemies, averted apocalypse, etc.)

   *Though most of the history of Ashath is generally forgotten by the general populous, (due to the Carthelian Order's destroying of history books, (though the Ichthusians have been able to preserve some)), it is well remembered that at one point, (though no one is exactly sure when), there was a great war between the Orcs and Men, and the Carthelian Order who, represented the Men of Ashath, (and feared the powerful Orcs), made a Covenant with the Orcs, that they would no longer fight within the general landscape of Ashath. The Orcs would generally live on the Isle off the coast and Men would stick to the mainland. Slaves who wished to remain with their masters and any children that they would have would remain in the service of their masters and all slaves who wished to be free would return to their people.
   *At the point that the story takes place the Carthelian Order has outlawed slavery in Ashath, though there are a very few Material Orcs who serve the Ichtusians, as servants, (Ichtusians do not practice slavery of any kind and Otherworld Orcs and the Ichtusians are always enemies). Many Men have also been breed for slaves by the Orcs on their Isle. The Carthelian hierarchy also keep half Orcs as slaves and bodyguards.
   *Both the Orc hierarchy (mostly those of the Otherworld) and the Carthelian hierarchy despised having to abide by the Covenant and seek the day when they might destroy the other and rule all of Ashath, but in the mean time the two hierarchies  have an annual meeting in secret to plan how they might both benefit from working together on their secret Great Plan. Most commonly Men and Orcs, (those of the Material World), in Ashath are not concerned with what the hierarchies are doing as it takes them a long time to decide on anything, but there is fearful talk of a day when the hierarchies will enact their Great Plan to enslave all in Ashath.

What constellations, moons, etc. are seen by this world?

   *An Ichthusian Book: "Understanding the Seven Signs of the All-Maker"
The Seven Signs in the Heavens are known as the Tree, the Serpent, the Sword, the Servant, the Net, the King, and the Kingdom.
All know these signs, though few understand them.
1. The Tree: The first Living vibrant creation of the All-Maker.
2. The Serpent: The Leader of the deception and the departure from the All-Maker.
3. The Sword: The Judgment which separates the creation from the All-Maker.
4. The Servant: The Messenger who entered the creation and made the way back to the All-Maker
5. The Net: The means of drawing the creation back to the All-Maker
6. The King: The return of the All-Maker
7. The Kingdom: The final place of those who love the All-Maker

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